Hyundai Announces Release of Electric Genesis in 2021

Future Hyundai buyers can expect a change in their luxury car-buying experience come 2021. Hyundai Executive Vice President Lee Kwang-guk announced at a news conference, “We’re strengthening our eco-friendly car strategy, centering on electric vehicles,” and he also verified that, “an electric sedan under its high-end Genesis brand in 2021 with a range of 500 km (310 miles) per charge.”

The all new Electric Genesis’ features include:

  • Base Price–$38,750
  • City (MPG) 18
  • Hwy (MPG) 29
  • Horsepower 311@6000

The base price for a 2016 Hyundai Genesis is $26,950, leaving a little over an $11,000 difference to go green with the electric model starting at $38,750. Seeing as how the electric version can run for 200 miles on one charge, consumers will more than make their money back.

The widely know Tesla’s price begins at an eye-opening starting point of $68,000. Tesla has definitely changed the game in the industry, yet Hyundai is progressively stepping up. And the price difference between Tesla and the Electric Genesis is considerable. Leaving the new Genesis a great fit for those who want to go green with a luxury car feel, on a middle-class budget.

International regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction now require car-makers to dispatch a greater number of electric vehicles. Hyundai plans to conquer most of the market on electric vehicles by 2020, with Toyota still being the leader in the game.

Hyundai’s comprehensive platform will include several all electric, long-range vehicles for 2021, along with the Genesis. Each will be released individually.