Hyundai’s upcoming all-electric long-range SUV to reportedly start at ~$39,000

Hyundai is among the many car manufacturers that are taking interest in Electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are becoming very useful and have increased popularity over the recent years. Rather than traditional vehicles, E cars use a different means of power. They run on electricity which is harnessed in a battery inside the car. The battery is charged by simply plugging the car into an outlet at your home or in charging stations. Electric cars are a safe and effective way of greatly reducing greenhouse emissions that cars normally produce. Today, there are many varieties of E cars such as electric semis, electric sports cars, and even electric buses. There are also a variety of manufacturers making these cars. One of the biggest manufacturers of E cars is Hyundai. Hyundai is known for producing high quality electric vehicles. They have recently released the news that they would be producing a new version of their popular Niro within the next few years. The vehicles will be SUV types and will be capable of long ranges of driving on a single charge. They will reportadly start around $39,000 each. The vehicle will house a 50 kWh battery that will take the SUV up to 200 miles on a charge. The car is set to release in the fall of 2018. Like a lot of companies are doing, Hyundai is deciding to further their sales by producing E cars. Electric cars are good for saving money originally spent on gas and help the environment.electric cars to consumers.