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Five Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Better Than Gas Cars

1) Do you know that electric cars have zero emissions from the tailpipe? Clean air means less stress on all of us. We will deal with less disease and infection. Electric cars go a long way to helping us out with this. Electric cars do not push harmful gases into the ozone.

2) You can plug your car into an electrical outlet at home or work. You will no longer need to stop for gas. You will also be changing your oil less. The power goes into your battery which increases renewable energy and resources. Adding a solar array option will pay for your commute without you needing to do anything.

3) Electric cars are seen as the “future” of transportation. According to industry insider tech geeks, we will be less reliant on gas-powered cars in the future. They have already seen success in the UK, and in some places here in the US.

4) You will have fewer maintenance issues with an electric car. There are fewer moving parts. That means fewer repairs. You will spend less time getting your car worked on. That means less out-of-pocket money. That means more savings for you.

The main issue is the battery which will need to be changed every 8 years or 100,000 miles, whatever comes first.

5) You will have less noise on the inside and out.

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