Amazons Pursuit Of Drone Deliveries And The Numerous Advantages

Amazon has one of the fastest shipping services available. They anticipate your orders with algorithms, have robots get your order from their warehouse, and Amazon Prime can deliver specific items within hours after you place your order. The problem is they are limited by delivery trucks and you have to live near their warehouse. In 2013 Amazon started developing drones to deliver orders faster. They are getting closer to making this a reality. They have the patent for an airborne fulfillment center that is actually an airport for drones. The idea might be in effect as soon as 2020 although Amazon still needs approval from the FAA.

One of the positive aspects of a drone delivery service is the benefit to the environment. The pollution caused by trucks constantly making deliveries has an impact on the levels of pollution. Since drones would eliminate the need for delivery trucks pollution would be reduced and the delivery would be green. Delivery trucks also emit carbon dioxide which damages the environment. When drone delivery becomes possible lees individuals will be driving to the stores keeping even more vehicles off the roads. Drones are battery operated, reliable, efficient, and fairly inexpensive to operate. They have no diesel, do not use fuel, and will not pollute the atmosphere. When deliveries can be made within a couple hours the need to go to the store for essentials such as milk or bread will be eliminated.

Having purchases delivered by drone is futuristic and the result of advances in technology. The idea of having purchases for anything you want delivered so quickly has a high appeal. This additionally has the ability to cut down on the congestion on the streets and reduce pollution. Drone deliveries will be able to deliver what you need when you are unable to go get it yourself and will have numerous advantages for the handicapped. These advantages make drone delivery solid green.

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Carl Michael
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