Is Car Sharing Saving the Planet?

Uber, Lyft, and carpooling have put more and more people in the same car together. Uber and Lyft now even has a Carpool option to allow customers to pay a slightly lower rate to allow the driver to pick up more people on the way to their destination.

One of the worst parts of traffic is the effect that it has on the environment. Cars produce pollution. The more care on the road, the more pollution gets into the air. At this time, it is estimated that traffic creates a $160 billion cost of congestion. Carpooling is estimated to reduce pollution by about 10%.

Not only does carpooling lessen the carbon footprint that cars can put into the environment, it also lowers the amount of traffic on the road. Sure, you may have to make a quick stop to pick up a fellow carpooler, but the more people that choose this route, the less cars are on the road to slower your commute. Studies have estimated that people spend 7 billion hours waiting in traffic. We as a population surely have better things to do with this time.

Studies are still new, and the effects will really start to show when more people make the switch to carpooling. As a community, we need to make this change. Start yourself by offering to pick up people around your office and hopefully others will do the same. Encourage people to follow by setting an example. Mother Earth will thank us for it.

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Carl Michael
Carl Michael captivated with the gleaming catches inside his awesome uncle's Buick Electra, it didn't take him long to get snared on the auto culture; both in the city and in hustling. Carl has worked for a noteworthy oil organization as a business agent covering a region of 40 corner stores. A while later, he turned into an escort to high positioning legislators and government authorities. Through happy stories, he investigates the connection amongst Driver and Machine. When he is not caught up with expounding on autos, he appreciates driving his 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC or his 2001 Ford F150 7700.