Kia Niro EV concept: Another electric to join the fray at CES 2018

Kia has been known to create lots of different cars that would rival many of the popular cars on the market from companies like Toyota. Now it appears that the Niro EV is the car that Kia fans can look to if they are interested in an electric vehicle. The CES 2018 has a lot of fresh new technology, and people are getting pretty excited about the possibilities that exist with this electric vehicle.

With a 238 mile range and a 64 kwh battery people are looking at this as a very impressive step forward in the electric car spectrum. Anyone that has been wondering if there was a chance for Kia to do well with the electric car concept need not wonder anymore. Kia is proving that things can change for the better with the electric SUV because of this Niro EV. It goes without saying that people are excited about what is happening with the Niro EV, and this is just the beginning for Kia.

There are tons of electric cars on the market, and Kia developers knew that the competition was tough. That is why the Kia Niro is a sleek looking sports styled vehicle. It has become one of the most interesting concepts when it comes to electric cars. People are showing their excitement about it, and that is the reason why it has become a big deal at the CES 2018. Kia appears to be on the right track when it comes to electric vehicles.

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Carl Michael
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