The Honda Clarity Wins Prestigious Award at the Los Angeles Auto Show

The Honda Clarity is the only electric car offering a fuel cell (hydrogen), hybrid, and fully electric model. There is one other thing that sets the Clarity apart from other EVs. At this years Los Angeles Auto Show “Green Car Journal” awarded the Clarity its 2018 Green Car of the Year Award.

Green Car Journal editor Ron Cogen described the Clarity as, “…the car that looks to the future.” In what Cogen declared, “…the strongest field ever.” Honda beat out entries from Toyota, Hyundai, Nissen, and Accord. The Clarity being the only electric vehicle to offer three green variations based on the same platform cinched the award for Honda.

A front wheel drive four-door sedan with cruising space for five the Honda Clarity Gas/Electric Hybrid is available across the US. Presently, only Californians and Oregonians have access to the full electric and hydrogen (fuel cell) models.

Clarity All Electric

After handing the dealer $1,730 driving this leased version of the Clarity costs you $269 a month. The 161 horses generated by the 25.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack will pull you 89 miles on a single charge.

Clarity Hybrid

Costing $34,290 and propelled by a 1.5 leader engine/electric motor combo this hybrid delivers 44 city/40 highway mpg. All Clarity models are front wheel drive with a single speed transmission.

Clarity Fuel Cell-$59,365

This version’s solid-polymer-electrolyte proton-exchange membrane, 103 kW fuel cell helps the synchronous electric motor generate 174 ponies.