Lamborghini And MIT Join Forces To Create The Super carĀ Of The Future

Lamborghini has been revered as a legendry automaker for a long time. When their partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was announced, people were intrigued. The plans for the Terzo Millennio have since been announced, and the design and functionality have far surpassed the current definition of function and form. This car is nothing less than futuristic.

The main characteristic of the design is the complete elimination of a traditional drivetrain. In its place, an electric motor is hidden inside all four of the wheel wells on the Terzo Millennio. This provides the opportunity for aerodynamic-boosting air channels, while preserving the contoured aesthetics and sharpness the Italian Lamborghini is known for. This results in a superior cabin offering a view of the road never seen before. The exterior has a resemblance to the Batmobile, partially due to being wrapped in a carbon fiber.

This does not even touch the most special features of the Terzo Millennio. Hybrids currently require a bulky battery, but the supercar will be equipped with super capacitors instead. This will take up a lot less space, and energy can be efficiently stored, charged and transferred. The best part is MIT and Lamborghini are conducting extensive research into carbon nanotubes. This would turn the body of the car into an energy storage system. This means the Terzo Millennio could self-repair any little dings or small cracks. This would be accomplished with the microchannels located in the cars bodywork over time. The automation features are expected to be designed to enhance the drivers experience, rather than deprive the driver.

The Terzo Millennio is expected to be on the road around the year 2030. The car places value on the sophistication of technology and sleek efficiency without becoming soulless. Until then, the world will have to wait for self-repairing super capacitors.

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Emily Daniel
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