Lamborghini’s Bid into Electric Car Segment

Lamborghini has started thinking about the electric version of supercars, and recently, it announced a fully electric car concept during a session at its headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Interestingly, the upcoming product “Terzo Millennio Concept” is a partnership between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the automaker. If you are a die-hard fan of Lamborghini and supercars, here is a number of things you have to note down about the latest car project.

Per the information available from Lamborghini, it is a concept that addresses the needs of “future supercar enthusiasts.” The cars send power to all the wheels creating a feeling of individual in-wheel motors. The carmaker encapsulates the Terzo Millennio Concept as something beyond just supercar electrification, but as a genuine transformation towards future. You should note that supercars face many challenges while going for electrification compared to Tesla, Nissan, or General Motors. Due to highest performance demand, both MIT and Lamborghini are working on ways to store energy to fuel the car beyond the lithium-ion battery packs of today.

Interestingly, the partnership looks for options to make body panels also as a storage medium. Additionally, the cars would come up with a “self-healing” type carbon-fiber components. It would help the cars to fix minor cracks or issues on its body before they become severe. Compared to Tesla models including Model D, these power-packed cars are expected to be an engineering excellence with amazing power. Since its cars are known as costliest, innovation could be seen at the best.

Interestingly, the supercar maker announced its interest to design hybrid electric concept in Paris Auto Show 2014. It was initially designed to merge V-10 powerplant of the company with three electric motors. However, a year later, the project got canceled due to it could not provide the performance the Lamborghini customers expected. Therefore, the new project creates a lot of hope in the fans of Lamborghini.

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