Lexus Looking For The LF-1 To Lift Company To Top Of Luxury Vehicle Makers

It was back in 2012 during the Detroit Auto Show that Lexus first displayed their LF/LC car to the public. The company would go on later that year and release the LC 500 coupe that was welcomed with much fanfare. Fast forward to 2018 and the company is looking to release its LF-1 Limitless option and the company is looking to release it sooner than later.

The General Manager of Lexus in Jeff Bracken met with the President of Lexus International in Yoshohiro Sawa and Bracken was front and center about going ahead and convincing Sawa that this new vehicle needed to be produced as soon as possible. Bracken states that Lexus has been slipping when it comes to luxury vehicles and the response that came from the LF-1 at this year’s Detroit Auto Show shows that the company could possibly rebound from the slump.

‘The high end market of the luxury industry has been an area where we have not been in as much as we would like to be’ said Bracken in a recent interview with Automotive News. Industry insiders say that Lexus has been going in the right direction with trying to build up their higher level industry offerings. They have touted the impressiveness of the LC 500 and Lexus’ LS sedan. With the huge positive response from this year’s Detroit Auto Show from the LF-1, Lexus could soon see themselves back towards the top when it comes to luxury automobiles.

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Carl Michael
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