Lexus seeks conquests with 3-row RX

Lexus has launched sales of the all-new 3-row RX crossover in December of 2017. Lexus executives said that it is about time that the automaker created a 3-row variation to its ever popular RX crossover, and fear they have been missing out on an entire segment of the market. That fear can now be put to rest as Lexus has began delivery of RX 350L, a 3-row model that comfortably seats seven. They even have a hybrid model, the RX 450hL, with hopes to sell around 30,000 this year.

Buyers of the gasoline model should already be taking delivery on their crossovers, while Lexus expects to deliver the hybrid in late February. This will mark the first time that Lexus has made a 3-row crossover and they recognize that they are behind the curve for the segment. Their hopes are that about half, or 15,000, of their RX buyers will upgrade to the RX L with the other half coming from buyers who are typically Acura and Infiniti 3-row buyers.

The RX L is over 4 inches longer than the RX model and creates more headroom in the third row by redesigning the rear window. The rear two rows are bench seats but there is a six-seat option that gives captains chairs to the second row occupants. Based on the body style, Lexus hopes to attract more male buyers to the 3-row crossover segment, one that is usually dominated by women. The base gasoline model is expected to have an opening price of just under $49,000.

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Carl Michael
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