London’s first long-range all-electric double-decker buses are now in service

Getting around London and the surrounding areas hasn’t always been easy. When it comes to bus riding, many people think of the traditional double-decker busses we have come to know and love. However, this is all about to change with the introduction of Proterra’s long-range all-electric double decker busses. Public transportation has always been something hard to coordinate. Many people are rushing throughout their day and they need to be transported from one place to another quickly and efficiently.

These busses aim to satisfy that need while also protecting the environment. Due to the patent release from Tesla, making all patents from the company concerning electric vehicles open-source and allowing anyone to use the information to benefit public transport, coupled with Proterra releasing its on-route and fast charging technology royalty-free, many businesses are using this to their advantage to really push the concept of public transportation forward. The busses feature technology that not only allows them to run more efficiently, it allows them to last much longer and withstand the elements as well as daily wear and tear. Tesla has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation and with their contribution to public transportation, we could see a great leap forward.

Public transportation has always been a vital component of daily life in London. Many people rely on busses to start and end their days. However, with these new additions to the London streets, people will be able to travel in style, comfort and in safety while efficiently reaching their destinations.