The Lucid Air Prototype Reaches Impressive Top Speed

The Lucid Air prototype electric vehicle recently exceeded 235 mph during testing. This is impressive because most factory street vehicles can’t reach these type speeds especially electric vehicles. It’s competitor the Tesla S has a top speed of 155 mph which is around typical for these type cars. Nobody expected the Lucid Air to perform at a level this high.

To add clarity, this test was performed on a prototype and the final production speed will probably be much less. The Tesla and other similar type vehicles use software to limit the speed to prevent damage to the battery or powertrain. Lucid did not use software to limit the speed during this test. The vehicle also had a bare interior and limited equipment which aided in the top speed. The production model is expected to have a luxurious interior which will add a lot of weight and reduce the speed.

The test revealed that the self leveling suspension did not adjust quickly enough at speeds over 200 mph. This caused the vehicle to push laterally against the track. The front engine also ran hotter than expected. Both issues were most likely due to the high speeds in which the average consumer would rarely attempt. Lucid made computer adjustments to correct the problems prior to going back for another test run.