Lucid Motors Dec. Update

Lucid Motors is an electric luxury car company looking to compete directly with Telsa. Who has the hutzpa to come up against the Elon Musk luxury electric car giant?

Lucid’s CTO, Peter Rawlinson, believes his prototypes can hit the marketplace running. He is a former Tesla Model S chief engineer. It’s safe to say he knows the competition well.

Peter has been outspoken about the fact there is no direct competitor to the Model S from the Telsa luxury line. The non-competitive marketplace is a gap in the market he is looking to fill with their Lucid line of vehicles.

Lucid is startup backed and financed by Chinese investors. Lucid announced in 2016 the start of building the luxury electric motor factory in Arizona to begin production in 2018. Lucid is still waiting on the closing of its Series D. The wait for this close has been since April.

Due to the schedule roadblocks in production, there has been a lot of speculation by the luxury electric community. Many Lucid backers are eager to see Lucid complete their prototypes and produce market-ready products. Many potential consumers are vocal about wanting to buy a Lucid prototype right now and take it on the road.

Rumors are spreading that in the summer of 2017 Ford was interested and started talks about buying out the start-up and making the Lucid dream, pun intended, into a Ford flagship reality.

What would you like to see from the Lucid company in the years to come?