The Future of the E-car, from Luxury to Affordability

Electric cars are a step in the right direction. They are also named “green cars” because of the positive implication that they have for the environment. Going forward, the tendency is that electric cars, or E-cars as they are commonly called, will be more and more necessary until they are the mainstream option for vehicles.

E-vehicles are usually considered very expensive and not available for all wallets and consumers, but companies like Tesla are slowly trying to change that scenario. E-cars are becoming, with each year, more affordable with options for more types of clients as time progresses.

Of course, that does not mean luxurious E-cars have lost their touch. By the contrary, many companies are investing in this market as the E-car has a distinct feel to it while also being a green-vehicle that will not use polluters for fuel.

When talking about luxury in this industry, we once again cannot leave Tesla behind and their car model Tesla S, one of the most expensive and most impressive E-cars in the market. It is such a good vehicle that it can rival the fastest muscle cars. It also has a very modern design and incredible commodities and functionalities both for single drivers and families to enjoy.

The next one is a hybrid one, but is also one of the most luxurious and incredible cars on the market. The Lexus GS Hybrid, produced in 2017, has astonishing horsepower and impeccable design. In fact, most of the models of the company have great designers behind their cars and they rival some of the best cars in both efficiency and looks. Lexus offers tons of hybrid models to choose from depending on price to pay, with some ranging from 30.000 dollars to others much more expensive.

If you have the money to afford one, you should definitely buy your own E-car, as it is no longer slower than a normal car and is very beneficial to the environment.

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Joel Stocksdale
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