Mazda Hopes Consumers Will Notice the Performance and Not the Noise of Their Skyactiv-X

Next year Mazda plans on debuting its new Skyactiv-X the mating of a gas and diesel engine. Using what Mazada has dubbed Spark Control Compression Ignition (SCCI) Mazda claims that the environment, acceleration, performance, and fuel efficiency will benefit from SCCI.

Like a gas engine, a spark and 87 octane gas (it can run on 93) set the pistons in motion. Like a diesel engine on the compression stroke what Mazda describes as a multi-point fireball keeps the pistons in motion. SCCI creates stronger compression.

Despite thinking the EV market is not yet viable Mazda plans on marketing an EV in the next two years. Skyactiv-X may serve as the foundation for that EV.

When a car with a traditional engine is stopped gas is still being burned to keep the electrical components running. With Skyactiv-X the act of braking will generate power for the electronics. Mazda is also working on a way to make better use of engine heat that would normally be lost.

One of the challenges Skyaciv-X engineers face is silencing an under the hood cacophony. There is an occasional engine knock. A clatter that occurs during sudden acceleration or deceleration needs to be eliminated.

Mazda’s solution is more sound deadening material. For all the excess racket reviews of the engine’s performance have been positive.

Skyactiv-X has yet to satisfy emissions standards. The numbers aren’t final, but a test engine generated 187 horses. The mile per fossil rating is projected to be about 36 city/49 highway.

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