Taking a Look at the P1-E Electric-Powered Sports Car

The new P-1E electric sports car is now available to satisfy those with a taste for speed and concern for the environment. The JJAD-built P1-E was designed by Jim Bowle, who incorporated into the vehicle many elements of cars built by his former employer, the famed British manufacturer McLaren. However, the P-1E relies exclusively on electric power to propel its exquisite body.

The P1-E utilizes a four-wheel drive system to capture the power supplied by twin electric motors. Working together, the motors generate nearly 400 horsepower and make it possible for the car to accelerate to 60 mph in less than three seconds and attain a maximum speed of 130 mph. In contrast, the equivalent Tesla “D” electric sports car has a higher cruising speed but slower acceleration.

The key to the performance of the P1-E is in its lightweight frame and the distribution of its electric motors, with one in the front and one in the rear to help guarantee stability. Lithium-ion batteries give the car a range of about 230 miles. The P1-E features the “gull wing” doors that are associated with other McLaren vehicles and give the car a streamlined appearance when closed. The cost of the P1-E, around $75,000, puts it in line with less expensive versions of the Tesla “D” but well under the $120,000 price tag of the most expensive Telsa model. The P1-E is also a fraction of the cost of the original McLaren P1 concept car, which had a base price of around $1.3 million when it was introduced in 2012.

The P1-E is expected to join the growing market of electric sports cars soon to be seen on the roads and, especially, the highways of America.

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Carl Michael
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