Mercedes A-class launch will follow CLA model

Mercedes CLA compact luxury model’s success has led to the automaker to develop its 2019 A-class sedan in the same vain. Mercedes-Benz’s USA CEO, Dietmar Exler says the company wants to duplicate the success it had with the CLA, including attracting a younger buyer. Close to 80% of the CLA’s early buyers had never owned a Mercedes before, so Exler hopes to obtain new customers with the A-class as well. Most people who purchase a Mercedes will purchase several in their lifetime, so the move makes perfect sense.

The A-class sedan will launch in late 2018 and the company thinks that its styling will attract a brand new audience for the brand. The price point will be mor attractive to younger buyers, with a base price piint near $30,000. There is now doubt that a Mercedes-Benz at that low of a price point will be enticing to buyers of all ages, but especially the under 30 crowd. The CLA’s price point was similar, at $29,900, but is every bit of a luxury model as an Mercedes-Benz model.

The interior of the A-class will be what sets it apart as a luxury sedan, with the automaker revealing details and a few photos of what sedan will look like inside in November of 2017. The interior is even beyond that of the C-class with the Mercedes-Benz user Experience (MBUX) making its way into the model. The MBUX features a multifunctional steering wheel and a stand-alone cockpit with high-end appointments seen in the S-class.

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