Mercedes Reveals New Electric Commercial Vans

The electrification of the global car market has continued with it’s next chapter, starting in the commercial vehicle division of German automaker Mercedes-Benz. According to a recent press release, Mercedes plans to add an electric drive component to all of it’s commercial delivery vehicles in order to comply with cities that may outlaw combustion vehicles within their city centers. The new project also plans to add other features aimed at improving logistical efficiency for any company looking to utilize one of their vehicles. These features, developed under the “adVANce” program within Mercedes-Benz, include a “fully automated cargo space” along with accompanying drones for autonomous air deliveries. While there isn’t much specific information available on how the drones and vans co-operate, there’s no doubt that these developments are a step in the right direction toward reducing the carbon footprint involved in the delivery and logistics business.

This recent news from Mercedes shouldn’t come of much surprise to anyone considering the headlines in the auto-industry as of late have been dominated by Tesla, the American automaker with it’s famously all-electric range of vehicles. Mercedes needs to compete with Tesla during this surge of demand for electric vehicles, but can the Mercedes vans stack up to the impressive and chic Tesla models? It’s tough to know for sure right now, considering the Mercedes all-electric line is still technically under-development, but we can start based on the numbers Mercedes has provided. According to Mercedes’ most recent statistics given for their electric eVito vans, the batteries equipped to the commercial models will have a range of approximately 100-150 kilometers. On the surface, this looks quite poor compared to the similarly sized Tesla Model X, which boasts a minimum range of around 380 kilometers. However, it should be noted that the Model X was likely tested in civilian settings that don’t demand the same power output required of a commercial vehicle. Nonetheless, with this bold new program, Mercedes has delivered a unique entry into the electric vehicle arms race and very possibly cemented itself a place in this fast growing market.

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Carl Michael
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