Mercedes-Benz Wins Again

Mercedes-Benz is a German based automobile company specializing in the production and sale of luxury automobiles. Founded in 1926, Mercedes caters to a global market by selling vehicles worldwide. Recently, Mercedes-Benz stores were revealed to have been the winner of an online response study.

When selling top of the line vehicles to top of the line clients, you have to ensure that your customers enjoy themselves. A recent study entails that Mercedes does just that, ranking them above all other car brands in online response. This study is called the Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index Internet Lead Effectiveness Benchmarking Study, and this was the eighth annual one. The study is done through secret shoppers, and evaluates the response time and quality of thousands of dealership websites nationwide. The study is based on a 100 point scale, where the average rating received by car companies was in the high 50’s.

Mercedes-Benz is a high quality auto manufacturer, and because of that they have to provide a high quality service for their customers. Luckily, they are proven to do this by placing first in the online response study. Taking care of your customers will in return ensure that your customers take care of you by coming back and referring you, and Mercedes seems to have figured this out.

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Joel Stocksdale
Joel Stocksdale has more than a quarter century joined car industry and car news coverage encounter that he conveys to Green Auto Shop perusers. Over the thirteen years that he possessed a car business, he worked straightforwardly with each significant auto mark in the vehicle business and got comfortable with all makes and models of autos. His energy for autos drove him to put over the most recent twelve years in car news coverage where he conveys all that experience to his perusers as he expounds on the vehicle business and the most recent test autos he drives.