Daimler Gets Flagged After Taking a Page From VW’s Emissions Play Book

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” –George Santayana

Just last year representatives of Volkswagen stood up in US Federal Court and admitted to rigging emissions software on their diesel models. The software was set-up to function properly during emissions testing, but not on the street. VW got away with it for seven years before the feds caught on to them.

Apparently, Mercedes Benz’s engineers thought they were slicker than their counterparts at Volkswagen. Bild am Sonntag a newspaper in Germany has revealed a Federal Investigation into trick emissions software on diesel propelled Mercedes models.

AdBlue is an additive that renders toxic diesel fumes inert. “Slipguard” and “Bit 15” describe a method by which the emissions software either shuts itself off or reduces the flow of AdBlue after the vehicle has covered 16 miles.

This increases nitrogen oxide output tenfold. Nitrogen oxide is an ingredient in smog. It’s also the same gas that got VW busted. Volkswagen emissions stunt prompted US regulators to cast a more critical eye on Fiat Chrysler and you guessed it; Mercedes.

A written response to the allegations released by Daimler suggests that Bilt am Sonntag is out to harm Daimler and its employees. No actual motive was provided.

Per a confidentiality agreement between the company and US Department of Justice, the statement did not elaborate further except to say that over the course of the two-year investigation Daimler has fully cooperated with government investigators.

“It’s Deja Vu all over again.”–Yogi Berra

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