The incredible information about Mercedes not selling diesel in U.S

In April 2017, Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes ruled out the possibilities of selling diesel-powered Mercedes. This information was a surprise to many consumers who preferred using the Mercedes Benz because he did not specify whether the decision was permanent or temporary. Most people preferred diesel-powered Mercedes because of its efficiency compared to gasoline-powered Mercedes. Diesel engine generates more foot-pound of torque than a gas engine. In addition to the power, diesel engines have little maintenance cost with high resale value, and lastly, diesel Mercedes Benz has an excellent reputation.

According to the report produced by Reuters, the decision came about due to delays in the process of making the model and the adverse effect of its emissions on the environment. The Mercedes Benz is said to be very costly regarding its production because it involves incorporation of an integrated computer system that controls many emissions into the atmosphere. Also, due to findings from EPA and the United States Department of justice into the United States market diesel offered by Mercedes and severe concern back in Stuttgart over the possibility of a Volkswagen style recall campaign, continuing to provide diesel vehicle was not worth because it was less economical.

Due to the rules and regulation put in place by the government of US, Daimler describes the production of Mercedes Benz that uses diesel as a risky business because it is difficult to predict the part of the vehicle to be labeled as undisclosed auxiliary emission control device by regulators. In the US, there is growing scrutiny of diesel vehicles and witnessing the fall out over Volkswagen’s emission scandal that cost the automaker up to $25 billion in the US alone, Daimler feared of possible repercussions he was also using a computer program to pass emission test.

The Mercedes that does not consume any diesel could be a choice to many. Get the details on the same in this article.

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