Mercedes Plans More SUVs

To succeed in almost any business, a company needs to find something that sells and then sell more of it. For luxury automaker, Mercedes, that means beefing up its Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) lineup. 2016 and 2017 were great years for Mercedes, as the company saw a huge increase in SUV sales, but they actually found themselves running low on inventory. In short, the demand was far greater than they had anticipated. This is a good problem to have but the car maker has big plans to ensure the company stays ahead of fellow luxury car maker, BMW. For the better part of 10 years BMW had the edge when it came to luxury SUVs, but the edge has gone to Mercedes the past two years. The company wants that advantage to grow even wider as it looks to expand its SUV lineup to include more smaller to mid-sized SUVS.

The extreme popularity of SUVs has exploded in recent years and BMW wants to be on the forefront, as sales continue to rise with no slowdown in sight. If Mercedes can give its customers more options and more models then they ca stay ahead of BMW in SUV sales. The company particularly wants to gain the edge on the new electric powertrain, as the new technology is just around the corner. There are rumors that the 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV will contain such technology and are moving forward with implementing the technology across their entire lineup of cars and SUVs.

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Carl Michael
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