Mercedes Transforms the X-Class Pickup Into an Off-Road-Ready Camper

With new X-Class, Mercedes has finally covered all the segments of the car industry, and now they’ve revealed pickup camper which looks fun, to say the least. For their latest venture, they have decided to partner up with two German camper specialists to develop two different versions of their X-Class.

To create fully-equipped camper they partnered up with Tischer. This version of Mercedes pickup offers everything you could ever wish for in the camper of this size. It comes with over-cab main bed, main sitting area for three people, bathroom, kitchen and fold-away shower and sink. The best part about this camper is that it doesn’t require any special adaptation; camper itself simply slides onto pickup bed.

Their second, simpler version is made in cooperation with VanEssa, and it includes slide-out kitchen with storage. It comes with a one-burner stove, fridge, as well as freezer, and all the storage you could ever need. It is intended for shorter outdoor excursions, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for longer outings with an addition of roof-top or pop-up tent.

Mercedes is not going to stop there, they are also going to develop Marco Polo version of the pickup since their Marco Polo van version proved very successful. This version is most likely going to come with a camper cabin, foldable awning and possibly roof-top tent, and advanced, Bluetooth operated, sound system.

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