No Dual-Clutch Gearbox for U.S. Mini’s

Mini is an automotive company owned by the larger automotive company, BMW. Mini has gained popularity over the years for producing smaller than average cars, hence their name. Many consumers had hoped that the 2019 models of the Mini would feature a new dual-clutch gearbox, unfortunately it seems that won’t be the case.

Thomas Felbermair, vice president of Mini Region Americas, has stated that the new Mini models will not feature the dual-clutch gearbox that is so sought after by it’s customers. All hope is not lost however, as he stated that possibly at a later date it could be introduced, just not right now. The reason for not equipping the new cars with this top notch gearbox is that of homologation. Homologation is just a fancy word for the new gear box does not meet the standards of the U.S. and thus cannot get approved due to technical reasons. Instead the Mini’s will stick with their current transmissions for the newer models, which include a six-speed manual transmission, and a six-speed automatic transmission. It is worth noting that overseas, in Europe, these newer models will get an optional seven-speed dual-clutch option that consumers can choose from.

Although the new transmissions will not be featured on the 2019 models here in the U.S., don’t count out the option of them being available on the 2020 models due to come out next year

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Carl Michael
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