Why should you consider a Motorcycle Made of Wood and Plant?

Ritsert Mans has come up with the most original version of the motorcycle that naturally utilizes the natural resources without interfering with the natural environment. The motorcycle is a product of wood, and it uses algae oil to function without the addition of any fuels refined fuels that would otherwise interfere with the ecosystem.

The composition of Motorcycle Made of Wood and Plant

According to the designer, this motorcycle is just like the other diesel once except for the frame, swing arms and the handlebars that are made of hemp fiber. He has skillfully used the regular wood glue to join the wood parts of the motorbike that you could think that God created it. The motorcycle connects the rider to the natural environment and makes him/her feel the real natural taste of the environment without any obstruction. Similarly, the algae oil burns naturally to propel this motorcycle without causing any environmental pollution. So this is the most suitable motorbike for any individual who wishes to go and relax on a beach and other places of refreshment and recreation.

The speed of the motorcycle and the amount of algae oil required to fuel it

The Motorcycle Made of Wood and Plant can run with as little as 0.1 liters of algae oil. Its powerhouse is made in the 500cc shaped single cylinder fuel engine tank that can hold up to 0.4 liters of algae oil. The motorcycle is built in such a way that is driven by a belt on the rear wheel making it more flexible regarding the requirements for an individual to operate it.

The eco-conscious motorcycle also has a very long lifespan if used in the designated places such as the beaches. Similarly, the bike is very useful to a person between the age brackets of 20-50 since it saves time while at the same time creates joy to the river.

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