The Next President Of Mexico Could Prove Challenge For NAFTA

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was recently chosen to represent the Morena Party for the Mexico Presidential elections that are set for July 1st. The latest polls for the election have Obrador in the lead to win the presidency. The prospective president, which is also known by his initals of AMLO, is a leftist and direct opposite to the United States president in Donald Trump. This certainly opens up a challenge for any kind of negotiations between Mexico and the United States when it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump has changed his stance on backing out of the NAFTA agreement but political insiders believe that any kind of banter between he and Lopez Obrador could become heated which would then have Trump going back to his campaign promise of putting an end to NAFTA. The supporters of NAFTA in Mexico have called Lopez Obrador a threat to the country and believe that his policy of putting the poor before everyone else could have very bad reprocussions.

Lopez Obrador has also been one who has flipped flop on NAFTA. He has said that he would like to renegotiate the deal and has seemed to tone down the rhetoric that he spoke of as being totally against Trump and the United States. Either way, the relationship and interaction between Trump and Mexican president in Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador could prove to be a possible challenge for NAFTA.

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Carl Michael
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