New Toyota Avalon Gains Advanced Suspension, Lighting Systems

U.S. automaker, Toyota, has announced that their flagship sedan, the Avalon, is undergoing a huge transformation for 2019. This will be the fifth generation Avalon and the car has been a hot-seller for Toyota in the United States.

The 2019 Avalon was redesigned by a U.S.-design team to have a completely new suspension system and a technology-enhanced lighting system. The Avalon will be driven on an adaptive variable suspension (AVS) system that electronically measures flatness, response, and feel. That information is sent back to the suspension, allowing for it to compensate where need for the ultimate smooth ride on even the roughest terrain.

The 2019 Avalon will use an advanced dynamic lighting system that will illuminate the road in advance of curves. This Adaptive LED Cornering Lamp, combined with Dynamic Auxiliary Turn Signal will allow the driver to see better around corners. The Auxiliary Turn Signal System will be sequentially-illuminating, allowing for other cars on the road to have greater visibility. This safety feature will be the first of its kind on a Toyota vehicle. The Avalon will also be seamlessly compatible with Android and Apple smart phones, combining technology with safety like nerve before seen on a Toyota vehicle

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Joel Stocksdale
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