Nissan gets 9,000 orders for the new Leaf in less than 2 months

Electric vehicles are one of the biggest topics among consumers today. People are excited to think that they may not have to stop at gas stations ever again. Electric vehicles run solely on the power of electricity. They house large batteries that are rechargeable and are used to power the engine. To charge them you can simply plug them into any normal plug. Until the recent years, there was not a large variety of electric cars on the market. In today’s world however, there are a plethora of high quality E cars available. One of which is the new Leaf car produced by Nissan. This vehicle is an upgraded version of their original and popular Leaf. In two months time, Nissan received over 9,000 orders for this new vehicle. The new Leaf has mileage capabilities of up to 150 miles. It comes packed with a powerful 40 kWh battery that runs the vehicle. People really liked the original Leaf and hope to find the new version to be even better. Reportedly, there will be a more expensive version of the new Leaf which will have longer distance capabilities and a more powerful battery. The vehicle has been available in other countries for about a month now, but hasn’t been released yet in the US. Consumers are excited to test it out for themselves. This car will save people money, but it will also save the environment. With cars being some of the top contributors to pollution, using electricity reduces emissions.