Nissan Announces It will be Joining the Formula E Racing Championship in 2018-19

Nissan will be the first Japanese automaker to join the 2018-19 Formula E electric car championship with ownership of a team. The new electric platform is expected to make the race appealing. Renault which is aligned with Nissan announced it would be leaving the championship after the upcoming season. It had been part of the championship since 2014. It appears that Nissan is taking the place of Renault since the companies belong to the same automotive group.

BMW, Audi, and Mercedes have all announced they will also be joining the racing championship soon. All the companies will own their own teams. It appears automakers are taking advantage of the opportunity to show off the advances in electric vehicle technology, which has typically been difficult to do in Formula E races.

Teams have limitations on modifications that can be done to the cars, which they have to change about halfway into the race because the battery packs deplete quickly. In the future automakers will be able to make their own adjustments to the cars during the race. Season 5 will allow teams to develop their own electric powertrain components and the cars will feature a new chassis designed by Spark Racing Technologies.