Renault-Nissan’s Six Objectives for 2020

Nearly ten years ago, Carlos Ghosn the CEO and Chairman of Renault-Nissan saw the benefits of mass-producing EVs. He forecast that emissions standards would become so tight it would be virtually impossible to build gas engines that could satisfy them.

Ghosn knew that as the demand for alternatively powered vehicles increased the competition would have to introduce their own line of EVs. Resolutions by all the major manufacturers to ramp-up their production of EVs have proven his prescience.

Ghosn asserted that a company that brought EVs to market first would have a sales advantage when the demand for electric cars increased. Renault-Nissan now has the advantage of already understanding a market segment the competition is just starting to learn about. This advantage comes from putting EVs like the Leaf and Zoe on the market early.

Carlos Ghosn is also the Chairman of “Alliance 2020” a marketing strategy that has six objectives scheduled for realization in six years.

1. To start a driverless car service.
2. To market 40 self-driving vehicles.
3. To introduce 12 new fully electric cars that share a common platform and have interchangeable parts.
4. To increase co-operation between all the divisions on electrification, self-driving technologies, and connectivity.
5. 75% of Renault-Nissan vehicles will share a common drivetrain.
6. To build 9 million-plus vehicles on four shared platforms.

Carlos Ghosn predicts that by the time the plan has been fully implemented, Renault-Nissan will have sold 14 million EVs putting an extra $240 billion into the company’s coffers.

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