Predictive Brain To Vehicle Technology Could Be The Future For Nissan

Nissan has announced that they have developed a new technology that could be groundbreaking throughout the automotive world. The automotive industry has yet to see full self driving cars but Nissan says that they have developed predictive brain to vehicle technology. This new technology is said to be able to know what a driver is getting ready to do a split second before they do it. They are calling it Brain To Vehicle Technology or B2V for short.

Currently, for this technology to be able to work the driver must wear a headset that is embedded with electrodes. These electrodes in turn is able to measure the activity of the motor cortex of the brain. The data that is taken from the electrodes is able to dictate whether a person is about to hit the brakes or if they are about to turn the wheel. What the B2V technology does is perform those tasks before the driver does. Studies have shown that the technology kicks in about a half of a second faster than the driver does. Nissan is hoping that the new technology will be one that can help in the case of an emergency situation.

Nissan plans on displaying their new B2V technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES 2018 gets underway on Tuesday, January, 9th and will run until Friday the 12th.

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Carl Michael
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