Nissan E cars sounds

In less than two years, electronic cars will face a new required feature. According to the national highway traffic and safety administration, electronic cars driving speeds between below 19 mph will be required to make a noise. As odd as it may sound, the feature is expected to reduce pedestrian injuries by 2,400 per year. The reason being, electronic cars are much quieter than regular fuel powered engines. Due to that, they have the ability of going unheard by walking pedestrians which has caused a number of accidents.

The regulation requires the sound to be played only up to 19 mph, assuming anything faster creates a wind speed that can easily be heard by pedestrians. Just recently, Nissan unveiled their chosen sound to accommodate the new law. Nissan calls their sound “Canto” which will become the official sound of electric Nissan vehicles. Along with meeting the requirements, Nissan feels their canto sound will reduce noise pollution. The ‘energizing’ and ‘confident’ sound- as they put it, is thought highly of.

They hope that pedestrians will not only be alerted by the sound, but also enjoy it to a certain extent. Canto, which translates to ‘I sing’ from Latin, will be played in Nissan’s electric cars whenever they are driving between 12 and 19 mph. Additional, or different noises will allegedly be heard while the car is in reverse. The regulation for electric vehicles to make sounds first arose in 2016. The quieter vehicles were thought to pose a threat to vision impaired pedestrians, who may accidentally walk out in front of them. All in all, Nissan’s is getting decided early, and possibly setting a standard type of sound for electric cars in the future.

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