Nissan’s ePower Tech Coming to U.S. vehicles

Nissan always knew that they were onto something with their ePower technology but they never imagined just how popular it would be so early on. The Japanese auto maker first offered the ePower electric drivetrain technology on its Note subcompact in 2016. In 2017, the technology became an option on all its Japanese models and the technology was requested at 65% of vehicles. This was a huge surprise to the company and so they are planning on expanding the option by offering it on its U.S. models.

The technology uses an electric motor to propel the vehicle while a battery powers the electric motor. A gasoline engine is used to charge the battery and the result is huge fuel economy. In Nissan’s Japan testing, the results was a fuel economy of 77 mpg. The secondary benefit is the rapid acceleration that the ePower system provides. This makes a vehicle with the system both inexpensive and fun to drive, which is a win-win for the consumer.

The plan is to offer the ePower technology as an option on its U.S. higher end models because their price point will allow them to absorb the cost of the system. Then they will work on reducing the cost and offering it on other models in the near future. Nissan has a goal for all of its autos to be electric starting in the year 2021. Most would say that they are well on their way to reaching that goal, and perhaps the day could come sooner.

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Carl Michael
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