Will Electric Cars Continue To Affect The Norwegian Grid?

In Norway the population is around 5.2 million people. Out of those millions of people, approximately 100 thousand of them have Electric Cars. The number keeps increasing with each year. In 2010 there were around 3 thousand electric cars registered. The number increased to over 1,200 registered cars to date. Most if not all of the electric car owners have had a 22KW charger installed at their home. Some feel that this could be an extra burden on the local networks. Some of the grid workers and electric car owners feel that there may be a low capacity of electric due to the charging of their cars.

Even though the annual use of electricity from EVs is 2.3TwH, which is approximately 2 percent of the annual demand, people feel that it causes drains in their households. The annual demand of electricity is around 114TwH. The electricity used for EVs is usually used outside of peak hours. The grid feels that a solution to this is stationary battery storage. There is more electricity going into the cars than out of them. Having the stationary batteries will help conserve more of the energy from the car. Persevering the unused electric in a stationary battery will decrease the demand on the grid.

The grid may be able to handle all the electric cars that will registered in the future, time can only tell. For now, there are reports of flashes of light and trouble operating their toasters while their cars are plugged in. The Stationary Battery Storage may help reduce these issues and take some ease off the grid.

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Joel Stocksdale
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