Cars Will Continue To Evolve Into Interconnected Devices

With the age of technology growing with each passing day, there are very few devices that cannot “talk” to one another. Soon, even your car will be able to communicate with other electronic devices. The future of all vehicles includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Connect With The Home
  • Connect With The Driver
  • Connect With All Devices

Connect With The Home

In the near future your car will be able to communicate with your home. Did you forget to check if you have milk in the fridge? Your car will be able to check for you to save you a trip back home. Many other devices will be able to be remotely controlled such as turning the lights or the heat on before you even get home.

Connect With The Driver

There are many safety concerns associated with driving. It is the hope of many manufacturers that a car will be able to sense if you’ve had a medical emergency and safely bring the car to a stop which can save countless lives over time.

Connect With All Devices

Lastly, your vehicle will someday be able to connect with far more than just your phone. All of your tablets and smart devices will soon be able to run off of WiFi found in the vehicle, a technology that has already been utilized in some cars. Despite being around for over 100 years, the automobile industry is still in its infancy.

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Joel Stocksdale
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