Owl Car Cam Brings 24-Hour Monitoring To Your Vehicle

Have you had issues with your car being broken into while at home, at work, or possibly while you are inside a busy shopping mall? The new Owl Cam may be the answers to your problem. Here are a few of the awesome features this brand new technology has to offer.

The camera never turns off unless you tell it otherwise

Leave it on while you are busy in the office, shopping, or visiting that family member or friend who lives in that not so nice neighborhood. You have 24/7 coverage with the new Owl Cam

Stay Connected

Owl LTE Service allows your Owl Cam to stay connected to the internet 24/7. This feature comes in really handy if you want to know what your car is up to when you arent the one behind the wheel.

Receive alerts instantly to your phone

If something happens while you are at home sleeping in your bed, while your child is out on a date or hanging out with friends, or your wife has taken the kids on vacation and you had to stay at home due to work.. have no fear, Owl cam has you covered with instant video alerts when anything happens. Owl Cam detects impacts, whether from a collision or from your teenage kids hood-surfing. You will know as soon as something happens.

Video Recording

This awesome car cam comes with 24 hour a day live recording. If you are connected with their Owl LTE service you can get access with your phone however, even if you choose not to pay for the service you can still manually download video and keep an eye on what is happening around your car everyday.

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