Panasonic to Double Down on EV Battery Production

Its no secret that electric vehicles seem to be the new major focus in the automotive industry and with the global production number of electric vehicles said to rise from 1 million in 2017 to over 24 million by 2030 battery production companies such a Panasonic will have to ramp up productions. Companies such as Tesla have stated that slow production of lithium-ion batteries has actually limited their vehicle production volume.

When dealing with supplying the electric car manufactures with the lithium-ion batteries there are two main focuses being considered. The first is the complex process of actually making the batteries. The process of designing a battery involves electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers which means when changes need to be made it involves all 3 agree on a decision. The second is the extremely delicate process of transporting them once they have been produced.

As of now, most battery manufacturing plants cater to clients located in their general vicinity. Panasonic has partnered with electric car manufacturer Tesla on their $5 billion gigafactory which is the biggest automotive lithium-ion battery plant in the world. The gigafactory is located near Reno, Nevada which is about 260 miles from Tesla’s manufacturing plant. Panasonic plans to put in an $800 million plan to increase battery production at its gigafactory in Nevada along with its other locations including the 5 factories in Japan already producing lithium-ion batteries focused mostly on producing the battery packs for Teslas Model S and Model X.

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Carl Michael
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