Solar-powered Vehicle by Evolvo

As consumerism is ever growing, there have been movements that aim to bring more eco-friendly solutions for humanity.

Solar power is one of the most important topics in terms of gong eco-friendly. Mö was introduced earlier this year. It is a solar-powered vehicle that can also be pedaled just like a bike. It is meant to combine the benefits of both bicycle and cars in order to transform transport. The product was created by the company Evovelo, and it is made entirely of sustainable materials. The top speed that Mö can go with is 30 mph.

Ideal for short commutes, this vehicle has three wheels. They are propelled through peddling. The vehicle Mö combines the comfort of a car and the protection from adverse weather that an automobile provides and the environmental and health benefits of a bicycle.

The size the vehicle is rather compact. It has two seats, and it weighs about 100 kg. The windows of the Mö vehicle are foldable. Mö is fitted with front drum brakes as well as rear electric breaks, and it has 6/7 gears, and much more. The product was made available for pre-order a few months ago for €300 excluding VAT after which the pre-buyer delivers the rest of the payment that will not be over €5 000 net according to the website. Since the vehicle is not yet in production, prices are not set in stone.

Comparably the Tesla Model D costs over 70 000 dollars, and it comes in a variety of battery capacity options. While Mo is made for short commutes ideally, the Tesla Model D has a lot more options. Nevertheless. Solar-Powered vehicles are possible and attainable as of late. The movement will continue to expand in other areas of our lives such as air travel, housing, consumer needs, and much more.

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