The Newly Designed Polaris RZR RS1 is Fun for One

Available to the buying public this month the Polaris RZR RS1 retails for $13,999.00. The RS1 is a single seater. This offers the driver the luxury of pushing the limits of common sense without jangling a passenger’s nerves.

Measuring 5’4″ across with a wheelbase an inch shy of seven feet The RZR RS1 sits on a newly designed chassis. In designing the RS1 Polaris took a lot of cues from auto racing.

Visibility and the center of gravity are improved by having a single seat smack dab in the middle of the vehicle. Having only one seat provides more elbow room for cranking the steering wheel during sudden maneuvers.

The drive train was configured with knowledge acquired from racing. A newly designed braking system offers the option of using one or both feet to engage the all-around hydraulic disc brakes.

Cooled by a dual fan radiator the RS1’s power plant is an electronically injected 999cc four-stroke two-banger. With a dual-overhead-cam, the engine whips up 110 equines while a 9 1/2 gallon fuel tank stores the feed for those horses.

Controlling all the maneuvering and bouncing around in front with 16″ of travel is a dual A-Arm suspension and stabilizer. The 2″ Walker Evens Needle shocks can be set to 16 different positions.

At the opposite end of the RS1, the front suspension’s is trailing arm and stabilizer arrangement with 18″ of travel. The 2.5″ Walker Evens 16 setting shocks can be adjusted with a clicker located in the bed.

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Carl Michael
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