Porsche Considers Production Increase for It’s Model E Sports Car

Porsche. The name is synonymous with elegance, performance, luxury and of course-high tech. Porsche is about to unveil its latest, and most likely, most enthusiastic and futuristic sports car ever. The Mission E is Porsche’s first all-electric sports car. The Mission E is not just some poor attempt to create a green sports car that will help the environment, it’s a true Porsche with the horsepower to back it up. A pair of synchronous motors can catapult the Mission E from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. In fact, this high-tech electric sports car is generating so much hype and interest that the company is considering increasing production beyond the planned 20,000 units.

With plans to double its investment in hybrid and all-electric vehicles by 2022, increasing the production of the Mission E seems to make good sense. According to sources, the company has received a lot of positive feedback on the Mission E and that feedback makes Porsche more optimistic about sales of the electric sports car.

Fully electric Fully Porsche
If Porsche enthusiast were worried or concerned about losing performance or looks in a fully electric sports car, then the Mission E will definitely put their fears to rest. The Mission E has all the performance, drivability, horsepower, maneuverability, and eye appeal of any combustion engine Porsche. The Mission E is definitely the electric sports car of the future in the here and now.

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