Porsche Mission E: A Serious Contender for Tesla P85D

Porsche’s Mission E is expected to make a serious competition with Tesla as a fully electric car from the famous car maker. After it introduces in 2020, it laid out plans to sell 20,000 models per year. It ramped up the development plans with a hiring of 1,400 people for the project. Though it is not officially announced, the conceptualization of the vehicle gives what could be expected in the car.

Engine Performance

The all-wheel-drive car that comes with two motors would produce 600 horsepower. Compared to Mission E, Tesla P85D also comes with all-wheel drive and equipped with two motors. It produces a maximum power of 463 horsepower in the battery.

Fuel Efficiency

Once the Mission E is fully charged, it can drive up to 310 miles. When it comes to P85D, EPA tests showed that the car could travel 253 miles after fully charged. Interestingly, Mission E charges 80% of the battery in 15 minutes, and that can give a range of 250 miles.


Mission E can travel at a maximum speed of 150 miles/hour, and it reaches 62 miles/hour speed in 3.5 seconds. Tesla P85D outscores the Porsche model in the case of speed as P85D travels at a maximum speed of 155 miles/hour and achieves 60 miles/hour speed in 3.1 seconds.


The base price of Porsche Mission E is declared as $85,000. It is considered to be a competitive price. Tesla P85D comes with a price range starting from $87,300 – $130,000.

Other Details

Porsche Mission E uses a unique charging method of placing the car over a charging base plate that is fixed in a garage or other areas. It can also be charged using cable and charging port at home or in a charging station. It comes as a four-seater version with the doors opens in a unique way.

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