Border Shipments Speeding up

The United States and Canadian border is a tricky thing. Both countries trade with each other, and export or import goods to and from each other. However, this process is time consuming when considering the fact that border officials from both sides have to inspect everything that comes and goes from their countries.

Luckily, both sides want to fix this time taking hassle, and are putting forth efforts to do so. With years of experience trading under their belt, both sides plan to put border officials on the other countries soil in an effort to check cargo in a more timely manner. No longer will ships have to be stopped at points of entry, but instead can be searched and checked without causing a back up at the port. This truly shows just how close America and Canada are when it comes to wanting the best for each others economy. Quicker shipments means more goods coming and going between the lands at a more consistent rate. Also, this is not a new practice. As for years American officials have been located in Canadian airports clearing passengers headed for the U.S.

With so much animosity between the U.S. and Canada, this joint effort to increase speeds in which goods travel across the border is nothing but positive. Everyone wins in this scenario and hopefully this practice will be put into place by the end of this year.

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Carl Michael
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