Putin Says He’d Drive a Tesla

You know a car must be pretty good when the President of Russia approves of it. Vladimir Putin expressed his admiration of Elon Musk’s Tesla electric vehicles by saying that he could see himself driving one. Many vehicles and other forms of transportation are causing harm to the planet, but Tesla is known to be much greener because instead of being run on gas it is electric. Putin even said that he’d be willing to buy a Tesla and likes how electric cars are light, fast, and efficient.

Owning a Tesla is not only smart but it’s also cost-effective and beneficial to the planet. The initial cost of a Tesla can be expensive but it is a logical choice in the long-run because you save on gas and maintenance. Driving a particular Tesla model will cost you about $600 yearly, whereas a particular Toyota Camry model driven the same amount of miles will cost you about $1,200 yearly, which is almost double what the Tesla will cost you.

It is pretty clear that purchasing a Tesla would be a clever choice. You’ll save on fuel and won’t need to be inconvenienced constantly by needing to get gas, you’ll have extra time and money because maintenance issues, oil changes, and new filters will no longer be a concern, you will have extra car seats and storage space, and you’ll be driving a car that has the highest safety rating of any car ever tested. Owning a Tesla will save you money, time, and will even help you with saving the planet.

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Emily Daniel
Emily Daniel experienced childhood in a games auto arranged family. She has composed for an assortment of auto magazines and sites, Green Auto Shop boss among them. Emily has chipped away at prominent driving recreations as a substance master, notwithstanding working for aviation organizations and programming monsters. She right now lives in a protected, undisclosed area in the American southwestern leave.