Black Box Will Dictate Future Of Smart Cars

Most people when they think of a black box the first thing that comes to mind are airplanes that record data and are the important piece when solving the mystery of accidents. That is completely the opposite when it comes to the future of electric and smart vehicles. The little black box in the future of automobiles stand for E.C.U. or electronic control unit. This black box will dictate the future of electronic and smart cars.

A E.C.U. device is one that will cost in upwards of $20,000 and is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. This little black box will be responsible for up to 100 different electronic functions in a vehicle from raising and lowering windows to allowing for cruise contol. As a matter of fact these devices are already being using in competitive auto racing. Formula One racing uses E.C.U. devices in order keep track of certain parts of the vehicle such as tire pressure and oil pressure. Recent years have seen these devices become more and more innovative over time. They now can regulate how much power and energy the cars are able to produce.

The future is endless when it comes to E.C.U’s and the future of smart cars and electronic vehicles. The future will come to fruition with the status and functions of the little black box of today.

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Carl Michael
Carl Michael captivated with the gleaming catches inside his awesome uncle's Buick Electra, it didn't take him long to get snared on the auto culture; both in the city and in hustling. Carl has worked for a noteworthy oil organization as a business agent covering a region of 40 corner stores. A while later, he turned into an escort to high positioning legislators and government authorities. Through happy stories, he investigates the connection amongst Driver and Machine. When he is not caught up with expounding on autos, he appreciates driving his 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC or his 2001 Ford F150 7700.