All Electric Cars Get Better MPG than Gas Cars

Electric cars are becoming the thing of the present instead of the future. More people are become more environmentally friendly. All electric cars are operated by batteries that can be charged at charging ports. A special charging port can be installed at your home. With an all electric car you don’t have to buy gas or change oil again.

For the sports car lovers, you can still have an electric car and have the performance of a sports car. Porsche is coming out with Mission E and it’s a competitor or Telsa’s Model D. Both cars have two electric engines to help with the front and rear axles. Mission E’s battery is the length of the car to distribute the weight evenly. The Mission E can go 300 miles fully charge, while Model D goes 275 miles on a full charge. The price for Mission E is around 85 thousand while the Model D ranges from 71 thousand to 120 thousand depending on the battery. Both cars have displays that are similar to a cockpit in a plane. The Mission E displays are holographic and are activated by waving your hand.

There are more than one type of electric car. There is a all electric which has no gas or oil change. These models are fully chargeable. They run around the price of 29 thousand to start. The city/highway EPA-Estimated MPG range around 118/96. There are two types of hybrids which run off an electric battery and gas. The difference between these two types of hybrids are; one needs to be plugged in to charge while the other doesn’t. They range from 25 thousand to 32 thousand and up. The City/Highway MPG range around 43/41 to 104/91 depending on the make and model you choose.

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Joel Stocksdale
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