Rivals wary of Uber’s latest ambitions

The ride sharing industry has continued to grow in size rapidly over the past few years. While there are several different options available today, the largest by far is Uber. Uber has quickly expanded around the world and has continued to come up with innovative new ways to attract customers and build revenue. The company now has a new strategy and plan that is beginning to worry its rivals even more.

While Uber has typically been involved in the business of transporting individual people the CEO of the company now has a more aggressive plan in place as well. In a recent interview the CEO of the company stated that they are now looking to enter the public transportation industry. With the public transit system, they would be able to provide their own buses and create a stream of cars that are designated for public use.

This recent announcement is worrisome to a lot of different people. For traditional ride sharing companies that compete with Uber, giving the company a new successful product line could be a big disadvantage. For communities and cities that already operate their own public transit systems, suddenly having a competitor in place could be very bad as it could lead to a big reduction in usage. This is especially true in metro areas where the typical young professional that uses a public transit system would also welcome an option provided by Uber. While this plan was announced at a high level, there are not any more details describing the plan or timeline.

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Joel Stocksdale
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