Rolls Royce and Google Team Up To Add AI Into Ships

The transportation sector has always been fascinated with the idea of artificial intelligence. Black and white movies from decades ago fantasized about futuristic vehicles that could transport us to any location without lifting a single finger. This type of technology is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality and now, through a partnership between luxury car maker Rolls Royce and tech giant Google, this technology is being introduced to ships as well. Ships could serve from utilizing artificial intelligence in many way which include but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing Travel
  • Increasing Safety
  • Increase Income

Optimizing Travel

If a ship were to implement artificial intelligence it could greatly cut down on the usual travel time for a voyage. Artificial intelligence can gather real time weather data and avoid certain storm fronts that might otherwise slow down the path of the ship. Although captains can view radar, there is always a delay for humans in deciding how to best remedy any potential obstacles.

Increasing Safety

Shipping lanes can often be extremely busy ports with many ships of various sizes coming in from and going out to sea. By including AI in multiple ships, they are able to communicate with one another and alert each other as to their exact location in real time to avoid collisions.

Increase Income

The speed at which a ship can travel is usually determined by the experience of the crew that is manning it. A more experienced crew can usually make a voyage in less time than a less experienced crew. With artificial intelligence manning the ship, trips will become quicker and thus more trips can be made which increases the profits of a business.

With companies like Rolls Royce and Google taking the lead, unmanned ships may be closer to our waters than ever before.

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Emily Daniel
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