Russia Out Does The United States When It Comes To Green Energy

The green technology boom is certainly one that can see its origins being traced back to the United States. It was the U.S. and folks such as former Vice President Al Gore who spearheaded the current green movement that is so prevelent these days. New numbers have came out though and it states that Russia has outpaced the U.S. when it comes to eco-friendly cars.

The bottom line is that Russia is going green

According to a recent report published by the International Energy Agency, or the IEA, Russia has seen an increase of 40 percent in 2017 over the past year in ecologically, green, and clean vehicles. The report went on to say that the same increase of these green vehicles is similar to that being experienced in other parts of the world such as Australia and China. The IEA report went on to say that in 2017, eco friendly and green automotives accounted for about 35 percent of the total vehicles sold in the United States.

The Russians and their fondness for green technology is something that has been going on for well over a decade. Insiders say that the reason for the Russian green energy boom is that state and local governments have been enforcing tougher regulations when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions such as exhaust. The Russian government has spent a big part of the last ten years regualting the Russian automobile industry and toughening the standards for engines. There has also been a huge embracing across the country by citizens for green energy and technology.

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Carl Michael
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