Newest Ultra Luxury for the Eco-Friendly Sport Driver

Picture this…161 plus miles per hour, wind whipping through your hair, only you and the open road…and no pollution! Now, imagine that the super fast speed you are traveling is able to get you 400 miles closer to anywhere in under three (3) hours! Quite a thing of beauty isn’t it?

The all new Fisker EMotion ultra-luxury sports car can do all this for you and no emissions, this is something we needed to take a further look at so lets go!

The first fear that always comes to my mind with electric cars is how long will it take to charge? I know when I plug my cellphone in for a whole day to charge I get only 2 or 3 hours to talk. That is what I normally assume for electronic cars as well. But, with the EMotion, that does not seem to be the case at all! Instead, it claims to have a Fisker only ultra-charger system that can provide over 100 miles with the EMotion in only 9 minutes! To compare with my cell phone, that means that I could charge my cell phone for 9 minutes and get nearly an hour of talk time per 9 minutes of charge! That is a really impressive claim!

The second thing I think about when it comes to electric cars is the look and design. I remember the first round of clunky, large sized, weirdly shaped, and not at all stylish electric/hybrid vehicles. Then, I remember when they simply tried to change some vehicles that exist on their platform to electric and hybrid and sadly, it altered the capacity for space. Then we got to see the Tesla model come out and show what sports cars can be with electricity. But for all that Tesla has done for electric cars, it is no match for the sophistication, aggressively-shaped, sexy style of the Fisker EMotion. With a Tesla I would drive it to friends to brag. With a Fisker EMotion, I would take that baby out to South Beach in Miami or Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale and cruise the strips all the way up and down and even hit A1A. It is such a raw and sexy machine. And, with the charging power, I could do that for hours.

Now, no ultra luxury vehicle would be complete without a list of autonomous capabilities that the tech-savvy and car-enthusiast want to love! First, it has new integrated camera systems to give the entire 360 view of the vehicle in panoramic view; next, it gives display features that a space shuttle with be envious of when in the cockpit, and lastly, even though they are trying to keep some of these things secret, the on board system is a smart charging system and utilizes systems as required. They do note that the best time to use all of the systems in unison is “in an urban development area” but I simply think, no problem, I will use the speed out in the rural areas!

This vehicle is absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to hear more and see the complete model for a test drive of the Fisker EMotion. Great work and kudos to the engineers…no we just need to get it home and plug it in because, after all this power and great technology, I am still doing my part to help keep the environment a more clean place for all drivers.

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Joel Stocksdale
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